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Learning by Living

A Collection of Poems by Zafira Hudani

Poems written and based on the author Zafira’s personal experience. Writing is a form of expression that is able to connect and help people heal.


About Zafira Hudani

My name is Zafira Hudani. I am an attorney. I created this book by sharing with you the lessons I have learned in my life so far. I have gone through ups and downs like each of you. I have gone through the U.S. Education System. I attended Law School in England. I have a graduate degree in International Business Law. Throughout my education I have learned that your education does not necessarily come from sitting in class. The information that is given must be used in a way to create skills and help you question how to use/implement those skills.

I choose to look at the positive side of things. There are always good things that can come out of any situation you just have to find them. I hope this book gives you comfort and lets you know you are not alone in this journey of life.

Zafira Reading Her Book Home


Learning by Living

Collection of Poems

Learning By Living Collection Of Poems Home
These poems are based on the author’s personal experiences and are meant to be shared in order to provide readers with a different perspective.

Zafira Hope Change Love

Blank Journal

Zafira Hudani Blank Journal Home

Blank Journal with 120 pages made by Zafira, is a great way to take notes and express your creativity. Stay on track and get things done.

How i Know i Will Grow

Children's Book

How I Know I Will Grow Children Book Cover

This book covers values that I have been taught that include but are not limited to respecting your elders, community, and are some examples.


Affirmation Journal

Zafira Hope Change Love ​affirmation Journal Home

This journal promotes gratitude, self-care, and physical activity for improved health. It includes space to list what you’re grateful for, daily goals, and activities.

“The sky is a beautiful thing. Do you look up at it?”
~ Zafira Hudani


Southeast Homeschool Expo Zafira Home
Southeast Homeschool Expo
Discover the ultimate homeschooling support at the Southeast Homeschool Expo! From diverse education resources to expert speakers, find wisdom and encouragement for educating your children. Join us and make informed decisions for their bright future!
July 28-29, 2023
Atlanta, Georgia
Chantlanta Zafira Home
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Unite with the diverse and thriving chant community shaped by Chantlanta, the US' largest catalyst. Experience the transformative power of accessible, charitable, and open-hearted gatherings. Join the most unique chant festival now!
September 8 - 9, 2023
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